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The Yuko Judogi range it is made from 100% cotton 480 gram single weave with a woven skirt, the trousers have reinforcement patches on the knee.


The Yuko is great suit for junior competitors; it has really great tailoring the collar thickness is 4cm for sizes 120 to 150 and a 5cm collar for 160 cm to 200cm. It is available in both white and blue options.


The Yuko comes as a plain suit with no shoulder logos, however if you do want the Essimo shoulder logo for this kit then we can supply an embroidered 2 colour “Essimo” shoulder flash which can be found in our gifts section.


The Yuko is suitable for all juniors including competition, and all seniors for training and coaching. The trousers are all tie cord fitting, only the white suits are supplied with a belt.


  • Medium weight for children’s and  youth competitions, good senior recreational suit, many instructors who prefer a lighter feel suit for teaching select this kit, good reinforcements
  • Both blue and white suit options 
  • Size 120cm to 200cm 
  • Easy and quick to wash and dry
  • Great tailored fitting, giving the appearance of broad shoulder and slim waist, the skirt is not as long as some kits on the market and tends to look a better fit
  • Shoulder flash available as an optional extra.

Essimo Yuko Adult Judo Suit Blue

PriceFrom £75.00
  • Almost all suits are made of 100% cotton and will therefore shrink after washing. We therefore advise you to add 5 cm to your height and then order the size that best suits this. For children's suits we recommend adding 10 cm to the height because children grow out of their suits quickly. For the IJF GOLD competition suits, the body length corresponds to the size of the suit to be ordered.

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