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Samurai Swords
Samurai Swords
Samurai Swords

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Samurai Training Swords
With high interest Kata of all forms and dynamic demonstrations been experienced across all martial arts at the moment the need to “step Up” the training experience has never been so prevalent. Both Children as well as Adults are looking to demonstrate to the best of their ability the skills of their particular discipline or Kata and of course this should be done in the safest way possible. With Our ultrarealistic yet safe foam Samurai Training Katana you can now experience a level of realism not before known without using the real thing.
Made from High Density Flexible Foam, High Quality Colour Coating and featuring Extremely Highly Detailed Handles you are now able to provide the opportunity to students to role play this type of weapon encounter. The realistic Swords come with plastic outer “Saya” or scabbard and the Sword Blade is held in place with a functioning “Habka” Blade collar. The Handel and “Tsuba” are very realistic featuring moulded “cord wrap” detailing. Three versions are available of this weapon, all are 99cm long with black & gold identical Scabbards.

The WHITE Sword features a moulded Black handle with white diamond shaped decorative features, and dark grey Oval Tsuba.
The RED Sword features a moulded Red Handle with Black diamond shaped Decorative features and a rectangular Bronze & black coloured Tsuba
The BLACK Sword features a moulded Black handle with Red diamond shaped Decorative Features, and dark Grey Oval Tsuba.

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