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Uchi Komi Bands
Uchi Komi Bands
Uchi Komi Bands

Price: £46.50

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Product Information

Colar Grip Uchi Komi Bands
Complete with Neil Adams Instructional DVD

These are an invaluable device to improve full turning skills for judo throws. Both Highly Advanced adults and small novice beginners will benefit from this form of Uchi Komi exercise.

The bands are available in three resistance levels,

  1. Junior for young Juniors,
  2. Champion for youth and adults,
  3. Pro for experienced or larger players.

The Neil Adams Uchi Komi Bands feature a unique gip system, made from blue double weave judo cloth material.

Each grip features a double position collar grip and sleeve grip;

this allows you to practice various sleeve collar grips both left and right handed, double lapel or even double sleeve grip.
Follow Neil Adams as he takes you through your paces, with clear and precise instruction as only Neil can.

This invaluable addition to your Judo armoury comes in its own smart blue and black bag, is lightweight and is easy to use in the dojo, gym or even your own home, the opportunity to practice and improve your throwing skills with Neil Adams whenever you want is now here!


  • Kuzushi (breaking Balance)
  • Tsukuri (turning movement)
  • Co-Ordination
  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Timing
  • Gripping skills
  • Fitness

 Are you ready for the Kuzushi Revolution?

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